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About Us

Tri-State Electric Co. was started in 1984 by Mr. David C. Fuller. He worked primarily for general contractors in the commercial area. He employed approximately 3 to 5 employees. The business grew to approximately 10 employees in 1991. Tri-State Electric Co. worked on the electrical for El Paso International Airport, AIP 10, the City of El Paso, CBD I and Biggs Army Airfield. Additionally, Mr. Fuller purchased equipment from a company that did work for the Texas Department of Transportation and began the process of becoming a pre-qualified TXDOT contractor. In 1992, Tri-State Electric began doing projects for the Texas Department of Transportation and continued our work with the City of El Paso and Ft. Bliss/Biggs Field. Tri-State Electric Co. installed street lights for the El Paso Electric Company and traffic signal foundations for the City of El Paso. The main thrust of the company has shifted from commercial to heavy and highway, although we are capable of performing in all areas of electrical construction.

Tri-State Electric Co. has grown over the years from a small company to its present size of 148 employees. In 2002, David C. Fuller became the partner in Tri-State Electric, Ltd. DAF, LLC is the General Partner of Tri-State Electric, Ltd. The structure of the company has shifted along with the change in primary functions performed. Currently Tri-State Electric, Ltd. performs work for the Texas Department of Transportation, Ft, Bliss/Biggs Field, the City of El Paso, El Paso Water Utilities, Camino Real Regional Mobile Authority, Cities of Horizon, Socorro, Village of Vinton and others as well as numerous prime contractors. We do approximately $45 to $95 million in volume a year. We travel statewide to install electrical roadway utilities, Fiber Optic, Traffic Management, Microwave Vehicle Detection Systems, Dynamic Message Signs, Overhead Sign Bridges, Tubular Structures, Bridge Lighting, Roadway Illumination and Traffic Signals. In addition to our work as a prime contractor, we also support a variety of projects as a sub-contractor, performing a variety of functions, including roadway illumination, dynamic message signs, traffic management installation and support, fiber optics, vehicle detection systems, traffic signals, freeway traffic management, and traffic signal synchronization.

Tri-State Electric, Ltd. has ample equipment and manpower to tackle any project, from small to multi-million dollars in volume. Tri-State Electric Ltd. has an Operations Director, Project Engineers, Project Superintendents, Foremen and Crew Leaders, as well as specialty crews capable of supporting our operations. We have traffic control personnel, crews operating directional drilling equipment, drilling equipment, concrete placement crews, traffic control crews and equipment, conduit installation crews, and electrical crews. We employ a full time maintenance staff for our equipment. We can mobilize to accomplish any project. Our employees have many, many years of experience, as well as training in their fields.

Tri-State Electric, Ltd. is ready, willing and able to take on any project – in a variety of arenas. We take pride in our workmanship and ability to finish projects on time and within budget. We are bonded and carry Worker’s Compensation and an excess insurance policy.

Tri-State Electric, Ltd. is a member of the AGC, Heavy, Highway, Industrial and Utilities Branch. We have been recognized for our safety record by this organization.